At the time of completion of a booking the bookers last name, country of origion, mobile phone number email adress will be captured, purely for the purposes of administration of their booking and contact incase of modification to their origional booking. This information will be strictly used for this purpose until the guests have arrived and thereafter deleted permenantly. This information will by no means be available to third parties and be kept strictly private via encryption under the guard of our privacy manager. The user may request for their information to be totally removed from our system(The right to be forgotten) or to be notified of exactly which data we are holding for them with regards to their booking, by written email request ( Credit cards details and bank account numbers will never be recorded or retained as we work purely through a third party transaction WAYSPAY. Personal data encryption database, personally identifiable data on our website is stored using encryption, therefore minimizing the threat of hacking. Data breach process, within 72 hours of a breach (of identifiable or un-pseudonimised data) we will contact all customers via email of exactly which data has been compromised.